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Breaking news – Unemployment is down to 8.6% – Awesome!!  But wait – what about those 315,000 people who stopped looking?  That is a significant number and contributes to the drop from above 9%.  Don’t go off running and say wow – things are finally turning the corner.  With the government in gridlock, and absolutely no one willing to actually get to work in DC reducing the deficit, reforming taxes, fixing our entitlements, improving government efficiency – this is just another warning sign that America is sliding down the proverbial slope.  Two major factors contributed to the 0.4% decrease – removing from that number people who have given up looking, and a natural seasonal uptick due to the holidays.  Yes, there is some glimmer of hope in this news, but the fundamental problem is still not being addressed.  We need leadership in Washington that will take the bold steps to get the economy moving. But there is more deception in this number – check back in three weeks when the government revises this number upwards.  Adding 120,000 jobs does not reflect a 0.4% drop in the number – someone is playing with these numbers!

What about the Keystone pipeline?  Why is this being delayed?  If there are issues – why can’t they be addressed quickly and get it moving forward?  Why has Obama pushed this off until after the election?  Here’s a major job producing project which requires no money from the government, and yet it’s stalled – due to the political poison in DC.  It is unfortunate that we are faced with about 11 more months of this baloney before we will get any real action.  Unemployment will hover near 9% at least through the winter – hopefully, some movement will start kicking in as Q2 arrives?!



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OK – here’s one for you…The owner of Milk Street Café is cutting back his staff due to the commotion caused by the OWS protesters.  His business is being cut off from patrons due to the police barricades and other goings on at Zuccotti Park.  While it is such a wonderful thing that Americans have the right to protest, freedom of speech, and so on – the blatant disrespect on how this is affecting the local businesses around the park is unfathomable.  The article at FoxNews.com ( Café Owner Says He Was Forced to Cut Staff by Nearly a Fourth Because of ‘Occupy’ Protests ) sites the Milk Street Café’s business is off more than 30% in the six weeks since the protests began.  Other businesses in the area are off as well in the 20% range.  The one thing I just don’t understand is what message is OWS delivering?  From all of the media surrounding this hoopla, the only take away is that there really is no message.  Some people are upset because they are out of work and are having difficulty finding something to do; others believe that we must become a socialist society; others are most likely encouraged to spend a few shifts down at these protests from some liberal leaning organization who wants this noise to continue for political purposes; others are just frustrated, tired, and need to shout out at someone – anyone.  Given a 9%+ unemployment rate (higher if you really count in those who have just given up), there is a bunch of pent-up frustration that is being released in these Occupy movements.  If you just dive into the thick of it, there does not seem like there is any end game in mind – not like the civil rights movements in the past, not like the Vietnam protests of the past, not even like the Tea Party movement – Each one of those had a cause you could get behind – equal rights, end the war, elect a more conservative government.  What is the end game of OWS – re-distribute wealth? Kill capitalism?  Or let’s just muck things up for a while – and cost the taxpayers even more money on extra police support and clean up?  Epstein, the owner of the Milk Street Café said it best as he was indicating he didn’t want to blame either group (police or protesters) – he didn’t want to get in the middle of that, “but everyone should understand the consequences of their actions and nobody is” says Epstein.  Read it again – Everyone should understand the consequences of their actions and NOBODY IS!  See my previous entry – everyone is a victim – someone else is to blame….need I say more!  I hope Mr. Trump can talk some sense into the city officials to help clear out this area so the local businesses can thrive again.

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