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Separation of Church and State – let’s get real!  Atheists Raging War on Soldiers’ Memorial is something that is absolutely an insane waste of time, money, and should be utterly condemned.  This one just totally sets me off, I’m not sure I can even write about it and be calm and rational.  91 years ago, the community (probably a few Christians on the town council, or volunteers at the fire house) of Woonsocket, MA, wanted to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers of their community who fought in previous wars.  They erected a monument with good faith of heart that they thought would honor those who died, including three brothers who were killed in WWI.  They erected this monument with no malice towards anyone, with no pretense to offend or even convert anyone – just to honor the dead in a respectful manner.  91 years later, an atheist, decides to sue the town to remove the cross that is part of the memorial – and not only that, but demands they remove an image of an angel and “the Firefighter’s Prayer” from the Woonsocket Fire Department’s website. What makes this even more outrageous is that a group which is heavily funded is attacking this small town knowing damn well the town can’t fight back as it will bankrupt Woonsocket.

When this monument was erected, I can only assume that the good towns people of Woonsocket wanted to honor their fallen, and they felt comfortable building the monument as they did.  This monument then has captured a time, culture, belief of a group of people and is a mark in time, a mark in history.  No one today, has the right to change the decisions made 91 years ago about how to respect their loved ones.  The Constitution of the United States has never meant that we should have freedom from religion – the first amendment was to protect America’s religious freedom.  To allow all faiths and non-faiths as it may be to choose their belief system.  This in no way shape or form means images of a specific religion must be removed, even from state or federal property, just because this image is outside the belief system of another person. There may be other legitimate reasons, but not because one person complained.

This country was founded on religious freedom, the ability to choose to believe or not believe.  Different belief systems can be a good thing – it can help people open their minds to how other people see things.  Many religions do have symbols that represent their faith, and it’s part of their practices to use these symbols.  Even outside of religious beliefs, many cultures have different practices, and if we are truly freedom minded people, these symbols and cultural norms must be tolerated and even embraced.  An atheist who demands a cross be removed from a monument erected 91 years ago is trampling on the free expression of a people who simply wanted to respectfully honor their dead at that moment in time, and is now ingrained as a part of the history of that small town – and that’s all it is.  Tearing it down would be a complete and utter disrespect of those people who chose to erect it.  Leaving it in place as is captures a town’s moment in  time, and how it felt and dealt with tragedy.  How can this cross, representing a deity an atheist doesn’t believe exists, trample on his first amendment rights?  It almost seems completely opposite – he is trying to impose his belief system through a “demand (law)” which is what the first amendment protects us from!

God bless America!

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OK, it didn’t take long to find something that I can write about – something that simply really gets under my skin.  Read this headline and tell me what’s wrong with it?

Muslims Say Crosses at Catholic University Violates their “Human Rights”

Hmmmm, let me think about this one.

SO if you read deeper into this article, including the summary of the complaint, there are several areas that Muslim students might be a bit miffed about.  First and foremost, I do not want to come across that I do not take the concerns of these students seriously from their religious point of view, However, from their decision making ability, I truly am dismayed.

It is important for a practicing Muslim to pray towards Mecca 5 times a day and therefore, as part of this complaint states, there are too many symbols of Catholicism in the buildings at this private Catholic University for them to feel comfortable in their prayers.

Why in the world, would you attend a private Catholic University if these kinds of things were going to be an issue?  Please help me understand this?

The other complaint was something along the lines of segregated dorms – the University decided to separate male and female dorms…ok, so what.  This is a private university and can set up their school as they wish (the complaint talks about another Catholic university that has done more to accommodate for Muslims – Big deal!)

There was a third issue around discrimination where the University was cited that it allowed a non-catholic group (Jewish), to establish a student group, but did not allow for a Muslim student group….ok, but Jesus was Jewish….sorry, maybe this isn’t the right University for you to attend to provide you with the kind of experience you want?

My premise for most of my concerns will likely come back to one root cause – the decision to “become a victim”.  Yes, the DECISION to become a victim.  This means that there are people in the world today that have an inert need to blame others for their demise.  Let’s take this case for example.  Those who are now offended by the crosses hung in a private Catholic university must STOP blaming others for the issues they seem to be facing.  Simply put, they chose to be in the environment they put themselves in.  How in the world can you now turn to this private enterprise, and now say it is violating your human rights, knowing full well this is a Catholic university!

And why in the world are my tax dollars being spent to investigate this absurd lawsuit?  The solution is extremely simple – FIND ANOTHER PLACE TO GO!  And stop blaming others for the choices you made.  I fully support your desire to follow the observances of your religion, but you can not expect for one iota of a second, that a private Catholic university is required to accommodate your needs by changing ANY aspect of the physical surroundings of the university.

OK – I feel better that’s off my chest! Respectfully…

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