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Just four months to go and we’ll elect the next president of the United States.  The campaigns are gearing up to rev up their supporters and sound bites fill the air with half-truths at best, and in many cases, outright lies.  Words or actions are twisted like a pretzel to portray the candidate as if they are monsters.  That seems to be the method of choice for most campaigns, and based on the handlers that look at reaction to these negative campaigns, they seem to work.  I’m not certain if that’s a good reflection on either the campaigners or the people it sways?  Negative campaigns in most political contests are expected at some level, but at the presidential level, it seems to really lower to prestige of the office.  This country is really suffering – suffering from mistakes of the past, from global economic realities, from lack of exceptional leadership.  President Obama is not a skilled leader, but a talented campaigner.  He’s been in campaign mode since he started his quest for office – and is still in that mode.  Any of the policies he has desired to push through have not been promoted with a healthy debate on the merits, but mainly by negatives (typical campaign approach) related to alternate approaches.  This constant barrage of negativism over the past 3 1/2 years is  further divided congress and the American people.

There have been a number of attacks on Romney by the Obama campaign that are either simply false, or at best a twisted version of reality.  Romney is a businessman who knows what it takes to run a company, to drive profits and grow businesses.  You do this by understanding how business operates, and understanding how to improve efficiencies.  Companies that are profitable can expand, can grow, can hire, and can help other companies to grow (by using them in the supply chain).  Expansion may even take place in other countries (yes, we operate in a Global economy).  That’s what business is about – growth through innovation, growth through efficiencies, growth through expansion.  It’s clear that our bloated, inefficient government could use some proven business processes to reduce expenses and run more effectively.  Let’s have a healthy debate on that – instead of calling Romney a felon, let’s have a discussion on how Obamacare is going to be an efficient program that will truly help our health care system?  Instead of calling Romney the king of outsourcing, lets talk about elimination of wasteful government spending.  Let’s stop talking in sound bites and have a discussion on how we can reduce the size of the government and improve the lives of all Americans by getting America back to work.

I think the most frustrating thing is many Americans make decisions just on sound bites, because it’s too hard to understand the reality of the facts. Wake up America – before it’s too late!

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What in the world is happening to America – what is going on in DC – Where have all our leaders gone?  I’m sorry to say that President Obama is NOT a leader.  He came to power with limited management experience, and his approach to governing is abysmal.  His approach to almost everything is to blame someone else – blame Bush, blame oil companies, blame oil speculators, blame wall street, blame insurance companies, blame the rich…it goes on and on.  Blaming others for problems that exist is not leadership – its victimship.  Victimship is where you create a “villain”  and then use this villain to be the reason why something isn’t going right for you.  Let’s look at a few examples – we have a health care issue in the United States – let’s create a villain in the Insurance Industry – blame them for the problem, then let’s create “The Affordable Health Care Act” and let the government regulate and in essence take over the industry.  Or, gas prices are going up – let’s turn oil speculators into villains and let’s go after them.  That is NOT leadership – it’s more like “lack of”.

So, what is leadership?  Leadership is part great manager, great coach, great listener, and great visionary.  Each one on its own is not enough, but a combination of all of these brings about a strong and viable leader.  If healthcare is an issue, understand what the real issue is (great listener), build a positive vision that has elements of support across the aisle (great coach), manage expectations (great manager), and drive the vision forward (great visionary).  Unfortunately, due to lack of leadership, partisanship has reached a poisonous level.  To be president of the United States, there are many traits important, but most important is a level of experience in a leadership role.  Mr.Obama is an educated man, successful lawyer, but has fallen short in his current role – mainly due to lack of significant experience as a leader.  He really only knows how to be a politician, and is in a continual state of running for the next election – this has totally diminished his ability to lead.  The problems we face in this country have grown too large to continue to play these political games.  The time has come for our elected officials to come together and focus on solving our problems together – let’s dig deep and discover the root causes of problems, and solve them.

As we head towards the fall of this year, we as a country must recognize that America’s leadership in the world is also diminishing. Our march to a more socialistic society is debilitating our ability to sustain growth at levels we’ve enjoyed in the past.  The size of our government is putting our country in financial straits that will be difficult to dig out of.  In November, we will have the opportunity to re-think our direction, re-evaluate our principles, and renew our country’s prosperity.

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I’ve been focused on my Project366 Photo blog, so I haven’t had a chance to post here recently.  There’s been quite a number of events that I could have commented on – but I find myself back to the “out of context” theme.

So, if you listen to the major news outlets, Mitt Romney is a rich man who not only likes to fire people, he also doesn’t care at all about the very poor people in America.  While I do think Mitt needs to be a tad more careful about the words he chooses, it’s incredible how this nation’s media takes snippets of words, completely out of context, and spins them in a clearly politically motivated manner.  It’s a shame that with the advancements in technology, we’ve become slaves to media giants and the whims of a decided few.  Have we become so lazy that we let these snippets of controlled blabber penetrate into our lives, rather than use our God-given brains to think and reason for ourselves?  I truly hope there are many of you out there that understand this and can think beyond a sound bite and understand what Mitt was trying to say.  And it doesn’t stop with words taken out of context – just a while back there was such a hubbub about the Governor of Arizona – oh my gosh – pointing a finger at the president – scolding him – how terrible!  Pictures can also be taken out of context – a single frame pulled from a series of thousands that when put together, tell the complete story of the encounter.

It’s been more than 24 hours since the Mitt comment – I was curious as to what the major media sites looked like?  Well, I guess as expected, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC all had some piece on the Mitt comment, FOX had moved on.  I think for the most part – this will die off, but the Obama re-election machine will take and use this as political fodder throughout the rest of the campaign.  It’s time for all Americans to set aside their 142 characters and engage the brain to understand the full context of anything covered by the biased media.

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One thing that REALLY gets to me is when the news media, or opposing political party blatantly takes a comment completely out of context. Case in point is the recent speech by Mitt Romney where at one point, the words “I like to fire people” were uttered. So a number of opponents, as well as the news media, decided to make this a main stream story. So if you listened to the words used in the context they were intended, the discussion was about service provider choices – having a choice of insurance providers so you can make a choice to get rid of one that may not be serving your needs.  But the sound bite is trimmed to take on whatever meaning someone wants – even polar opposite to what was actually said.  Here’s the article from Fox News: Romney Defends ‘Fire People’ Remark, Says Comments Taken Out of Context

In this sound bite, 142 character, text message world we live in, people actually buy into this garbage.  They hear someone saying that Mitt likes to fire people and they believe it.  Why has politics become so rampant with dishonest representation of facts?  Someone, please tell me!!  The sad thing is that this kind of banter ends up demonizing a candidate making it difficult for people to take what they say seriously.  This country is hurting in many ways because of this type of rhetoric by both parties.  I encourage people to take the time and listen, become more familiar with the truth – read deeply into the stories – put the words in the proper context and stop believing what the “spinners” are telling you to believe because at best its only a half-truth and more likely a complete lie or grotesque distortion of the truth.  Let’s have honest discussions about where each person wants to take our country – not twist each word into an alternate truth which has no basis of fact.  The key is careful, deliberate, listening – with an open mind.  People in this country have lost the ability to listen and decide,  resorting to ignoring and distorting.

Wake up America and take time to listen and learn.  Think for yourself – that’s what freedom is all about!

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A little Monty Python humor there,  but really – after months of listening to the variety of Republican candidates, Newt is beginning to grow on me.  If you really take the time to listen to his rational thinking, you might just find someone who really is making a lot, and I mean a lot of sense.  While he’s been a politician most of his life, he is talking business speak – AND he understands the underpinnings of what could truly work in DC.  He has spent the past 12 years in the private sector running 4 businesses and writing a book or two, and his time in congress gives him a clear understanding of how to get things accomplished.

If you have an hour and really want to learn about Gingrich – take the time to really listen (Heritage Foundation Speech).  His application of lean six sigma principles to government is exactly what the government needs – and needs big time. I’ve personally seen the concept of lean six-sigma in action, applied in both the back and front office.  Companies like Motorola, Toyota, Danaher, and others who subscribe to a similar culture have consistently been successful.  There is absolutely no reason why the concept of continuous improvement can not be applied to government.  As I commented in my post of Nov 7 (Budget Cuts), the government can and must look to do more with less.  Listen and learn about what Newt is prescribing. There are not just two options – cutting spending or raising taxes – that ideology is leading us down the tubes faster than the sinking Titanic.  It’s turned into a political nightmare that has polarized Washington DC.  I’m in complete agreement with everything Newt touches on in this discussion.  The super committee is an abomination of our democracy – 12 out of more than 500 are tasked with coming up with  a few trillion in cuts – so what are the other 488 doing – are they really representing their constituents as elected to do?  It’s time for fundamental change in Washington– and Newt’s formula is rational – it makes sense.  I’m quickly becoming a Newt fan!  Maybe a Gingrich/Romney ticket?

This is the time to learn about who we might be electing to office – take the time to hear this speech.

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