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I’ve been focused on my Project366 Photo blog, so I haven’t had a chance to post here recently.  There’s been quite a number of events that I could have commented on – but I find myself back to the “out of context” theme.

So, if you listen to the major news outlets, Mitt Romney is a rich man who not only likes to fire people, he also doesn’t care at all about the very poor people in America.  While I do think Mitt needs to be a tad more careful about the words he chooses, it’s incredible how this nation’s media takes snippets of words, completely out of context, and spins them in a clearly politically motivated manner.  It’s a shame that with the advancements in technology, we’ve become slaves to media giants and the whims of a decided few.  Have we become so lazy that we let these snippets of controlled blabber penetrate into our lives, rather than use our God-given brains to think and reason for ourselves?  I truly hope there are many of you out there that understand this and can think beyond a sound bite and understand what Mitt was trying to say.  And it doesn’t stop with words taken out of context – just a while back there was such a hubbub about the Governor of Arizona – oh my gosh – pointing a finger at the president – scolding him – how terrible!  Pictures can also be taken out of context – a single frame pulled from a series of thousands that when put together, tell the complete story of the encounter.

It’s been more than 24 hours since the Mitt comment – I was curious as to what the major media sites looked like?  Well, I guess as expected, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC all had some piece on the Mitt comment, FOX had moved on.  I think for the most part – this will die off, but the Obama re-election machine will take and use this as political fodder throughout the rest of the campaign.  It’s time for all Americans to set aside their 142 characters and engage the brain to understand the full context of anything covered by the biased media.

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One thing that REALLY gets to me is when the news media, or opposing political party blatantly takes a comment completely out of context. Case in point is the recent speech by Mitt Romney where at one point, the words “I like to fire people” were uttered. So a number of opponents, as well as the news media, decided to make this a main stream story. So if you listened to the words used in the context they were intended, the discussion was about service provider choices – having a choice of insurance providers so you can make a choice to get rid of one that may not be serving your needs.  But the sound bite is trimmed to take on whatever meaning someone wants – even polar opposite to what was actually said.  Here’s the article from Fox News: Romney Defends ‘Fire People’ Remark, Says Comments Taken Out of Context

In this sound bite, 142 character, text message world we live in, people actually buy into this garbage.  They hear someone saying that Mitt likes to fire people and they believe it.  Why has politics become so rampant with dishonest representation of facts?  Someone, please tell me!!  The sad thing is that this kind of banter ends up demonizing a candidate making it difficult for people to take what they say seriously.  This country is hurting in many ways because of this type of rhetoric by both parties.  I encourage people to take the time and listen, become more familiar with the truth – read deeply into the stories – put the words in the proper context and stop believing what the “spinners” are telling you to believe because at best its only a half-truth and more likely a complete lie or grotesque distortion of the truth.  Let’s have honest discussions about where each person wants to take our country – not twist each word into an alternate truth which has no basis of fact.  The key is careful, deliberate, listening – with an open mind.  People in this country have lost the ability to listen and decide,  resorting to ignoring and distorting.

Wake up America and take time to listen and learn.  Think for yourself – that’s what freedom is all about!

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