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If there is one thing that boils my blood is a political ad – almost any political ad, especially the ones that explain to you how the other person is worse than the devil and is likely to eat your first-born.  I decided to look at the truth in advertising laws and I’m perplexed how first amendment rights trump truth in advertising for political ads?  Let’s look at some info regarding some aspects of TIA:

Advertising must be truthful and non-deceptive.  Why is that?  The FTC defines an ad as deceptive if it contains a statement, or omits information that:

  • Is likely to mislead consumers acting reasonably under the circumstances, and
  • Is material – that is, important to the consumer’s decision to buy or use the product

OK – the 60 sec, 90 sec clips that run between shows – typically called ads, are played to encourage consumers to consider buying or a particular product or service.  There are all sorts of ads run about products and services that must comply with these laws.  And most people believe the ads, believe they are truthful, and even know the FTC will go after violators of this law.

So here’s my problem – How does a normal everyday American, watching television, distinguish between an ad that is legally required to tell the truth, and a political ad that – well, is not?  Let’s modify the lines above:

Political Advertising must be truthful and non-deceptive.  Why is that?  The FTC defines an ad as deceptive if it contains a statement, or omits information that:

  • Is likely to mislead voters acting reasonably under the circumstances, and
  • Is material – that is, important to the voter’s decision to vote for a particular candidate

The FTC looks at both expressed and implied claims when reviewing deceptive ads – not only what is expressly claimed, but also what is being implied.  Can you just imagine if all the political ads run this season would have been subject to this law?  You might think with all the deception and other BS thrown at us every day and night, how refreshing it would be to hear what each candidate will actually do for us, what we can expect them to accomplish when they are elected.

Maybe it’s time to amend the current Truth in Advertising law to include political advertisements.  Any takers?

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Only 42 days until the election – something like that.  I’m so tired of the Obama spin I’m dizzy.  Coming from a business background, I truly believe it is time to put a successful business man into office.  When you dive into what makes Mitt tick, you find a caring, genuine man, who does care for people.  He’s been a good steward of his God-given talents, using his skills to build successful businesses, manage a successful Olympics, and run the government of a large state.  His ambitions are to be successful at what he attempts to do – so why wouldn’t it be a blessing for this country to let him become a successful president?  The Obama campaign paints Romney as an uncaring wealthy businessman who is out of touch with the middle class.  The misuse of information is simply rampant in the democratic camp – and the frustrating thing is there are many Americans that seem to be buying into the “Obamaspin”.  This is most definitely a significant election and there is a distinctive choice for all of us.  Obama believes in an overreaching government that meddles in all areas of our lives, attempts to redistribute wealth, and drives us into a socialistic society.  It is not the way to bring about the innovation, ingenuity, and greatness this country can achieve.  The US Government has bloated to a point it must be trimmed.  We must re-energize our economy.  We must strengthen our position as a world leader.  It is time a strong, sensible, leader step up and turn this country around.  Someone who can apply successful techniques to bring efficiencies to the government and make it work for the people, not the other way around.  Mitt Romney has a good track record that can not be ignored or spun. He has good ideas on how to revive our economy, and has the leadership skills to work with congress to break the partisan gridlock we see today – due to ineffective leadership.  It’s time to get America back on track – this socialistic experiment has run its course.

So – Mitt does care about the 47%, he does pay his fair share in taxes, taxing the wealthy will most likely not affect the deficit, and more than likely could even increase it, he will not destroy medicare, he didn’t kill Joe’s wife, he will not destroy the environment, he will not ship all of our jobs out of the country.  Oh, and by the way, even Obama said his ads have contained mistakes and went overboard with the truth.  The spin and distorted BS needs to stop now (and that goes both ways).  I trust the upcoming debates will clearly outline what each of the candidates will do to make America strong again – not simply spout half-truths and outright lies about each other.

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