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Breaking news – Unemployment is down to 8.6% – Awesome!!  But wait – what about those 315,000 people who stopped looking?  That is a significant number and contributes to the drop from above 9%.  Don’t go off running and say wow – things are finally turning the corner.  With the government in gridlock, and absolutely no one willing to actually get to work in DC reducing the deficit, reforming taxes, fixing our entitlements, improving government efficiency – this is just another warning sign that America is sliding down the proverbial slope.  Two major factors contributed to the 0.4% decrease – removing from that number people who have given up looking, and a natural seasonal uptick due to the holidays.  Yes, there is some glimmer of hope in this news, but the fundamental problem is still not being addressed.  We need leadership in Washington that will take the bold steps to get the economy moving. But there is more deception in this number – check back in three weeks when the government revises this number upwards.  Adding 120,000 jobs does not reflect a 0.4% drop in the number – someone is playing with these numbers!

What about the Keystone pipeline?  Why is this being delayed?  If there are issues – why can’t they be addressed quickly and get it moving forward?  Why has Obama pushed this off until after the election?  Here’s a major job producing project which requires no money from the government, and yet it’s stalled – due to the political poison in DC.  It is unfortunate that we are faced with about 11 more months of this baloney before we will get any real action.  Unemployment will hover near 9% at least through the winter – hopefully, some movement will start kicking in as Q2 arrives?!



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